MS-CIT BIT Office Trainer Pricing

  • Rs 300 per year
  • For Single PC/Laptop
  • Price for 1 Computer
  • 5.5% Annual Service Charge Extra
  • Price for 1 Year
  • Hard Disk must be same
  • 9 AM to 8 PM SUPPORT

Awesome Features

1. Above 750 Practical and 950 Theory Questions.

2. Topic wise Unit Test

3. Level wise Exam

1. Automatic Unlimited Online Activations after Operating System Re-installation

2. Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (Requires .Net Framework 3.5 enabled) with MS-Office 2013

3. You can set important question for students practice,

Marathi, Hindi and English Language can be switched dynamically in Practice and Exam Mode.

1. Unit Test on Single or Multiple Topics.

2. Level wise Online Exam.

3. Detailed Result Statistics containing Solved, Unsolved, Correct and Wrong Answers.

4. Help can be viewed in Result Statistics.

1. Every question can be checked for Correct or Wrong answer in Practice Mode.

2. Help video is provided for each question with Voice Narration.

3. Single and Multiple Choice Objective Questions.

4. Objective question containing Images are also included.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Open Word 2010/2013/2016 program

2. Click File tab

3. Choose Options, and you may see the Word Options dialog box appearing

4.Click Customize Ribbon

5. In the right pane of the dialog of Customize Ribbon part, choose Main Tab

6. Check the box in front of the Developer

7. Click OK to finish the setting.

Demo Overview

Welcome Screen

Main Sreen

Theory Practice Screen

Theory Practice Screen 2

Practical Practice Screen

Practical Practice Screen 2

Practical Practice Screen 3

Demo Exam Start Screen

Demo Exam Sreen 1

Demo Exam Sreen 2

Demo Exam Sreen 3

Demo Exam Sreen 4

Demo Exam Result

Free Video tutorials

Doctor Plus Application

Other features

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